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Newsletter n.2

Dear Friends,

It has been four months since the release of our first Newsletter in which we announced the Board's and its friends' initiative to support young researchers, in keeping with Ligamina's mission. In October, we posted Simone Andreoni's noteworthy study of the Flagellation, attributed to Antonio Carracci, in S. Maria in Monticelli. It was praised by many of our supporters and brought critical attention to Mr. Andreoni's analyses and methods.

This month we present the work of another notable PhD candidate, Donatella Nisi. It is an intriguing study of the use of color and staging in Pirandello's first theatrical production. As in the visual arts, color in theater is a highly evocative element that can highlight sometimes unexpected dynamics between characters.

Donatella Nisi is a graduate student in the Doctoral Program in Modern and Classical Languages, Literature and Culture at the University of Salento. Her research interests include Italian literature, Comparative Literature and Criticism, with an emphasis on 20th Century Literature. She has focussed on the element of "evil" in literature and on the theatrical work of Italo Svevo and on Luigi Pirandello's plays and short stories. In 2015, she won the Society for Pirandello Studies' essay competition which will be published in the Society’s journal, Pirandello Studies, volume 36 (2016).

Graziano Curri
Board of Director
Ligamina Inc.


The Masterpiece, by Simone Andreoni:

February, attributed to Paul Limbourg, or the "Rustic painter"


Young Talent

"The Lamp with the Green Shade," Between Fathers and Sons, Changed: Notes on the Use of Color in Pirandello's First Theatrical Production.

by Donatella Nisi

This study will focus on the color of props in Pirandello’s early theatrical works, and their role in the actions of the characters. While a green wool blanket on the stage evokes Nature as an escape route from reality, a green lamp shade, which appears in various Pirandello texts as well as in Pirandello's portrait painted by his son Fausto in 1933, begs an analysis of the relationship between fathers and sons, on and off stage.

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