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LIGAMINA: become a protagonist with us

Participating in Ligamina’s projects means preserving the past in order to build the future. Together.

Ligamina speaks to all the people that love beauty and feel responsible for future generations. By supporting our charity, you have the opportunity to actively participate in preserving works of art, spreading knowledge and educating young people.

Live the present to create a better future:

You can do it through an easy and safe donation, which you can do right here on our website, and regarding which you will benefit from all tax concessions provided for by law. 

You can participate in one of our events. Subscribe to our newsletter for free and visit our website regularly in order to be always up-to-date with our projects and activities: that’s a way to practise your responsibility, becoming a protagonist of special events that have great appeal.

Don’t wait any longer: choose to support Ligamina, with a free donation:


Through bank transfer

Full account number: 3571888812; Routing number: 231372691; SWIFT: SVRNUS33 


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Through how to make 

For a sized donation, click “how to make” and follow the indications.


Charitable Contributions - Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements

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