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Newsletter n.3

Dear friends,

The last four months have been marked by several news in fundraising activities and organization that I would like to share with you.

As I think is known to many of you, Ligamina has successfully joined a Google Inc. program and reserved for US not for profit organization. The benefits of this initiative cover different operational areas of our organization. Last but not least, and this is the news of these last four months, the crowfunding. The tool in question is called "Google onetoday" and consists of a platform capable of coordinating donations and details of which you will find in the "news" section of this newsletter. What I wish now to say that we have presented a project that has been accepted on the platform, and now is in the process of financing by small donors. The project is the restoration of the fresco bearing a flagellation of Christ and stored in s. Maria in Monticelli. On this fresco Ligamina has already promoted last October a detailed study as part of the educational program "young talent", involving as it is known, brilliant students of historical and artistic disciplines and in general humanities in Italian and American universities.

From an organizational point of view, my recent trip to the United States saw the entry into the charity of new resources that will help us both in technical and scientific field. In addition we have moved to a more central area of ​​New York where we have our headquarters. Just to complete, a tax recognition. Although we are a young organiation we have been positively evaluated in terms of transparency and structure and therefore we received the GOLD level at GuideStar, US not for profit organization that evaluates the charities operating in US.

We wish you a fruitful summer break
Graziano Curri
Ligamina Inc.


Picture of the Month
by Ligamina Inc.


Project of the Month

Antonio Carracci (1583 – 1618), La Flagellazione di Cristo, XVII century, fresco, 220x150cm. S. Maria in Monticelli, Roma.
The painting is attributed to Antonio Carracci, Annibale 's nephew and son of Augustine who is attributed for the frescoes in the Palazzo Farnese, including the aforementioned Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne. Antonio worked in S. Maria in Monticelli at the time of the decoration of the Palazzo Farnese (1595 - 1605), probably soon after his father's death on March 22, 1602 in Parma.
La Flagellazione di Cristo is a fresco on a support of 220 x 150 cm approx. The dividend is ancient, in fact dates back to the age of Napoleon as would be found in S. Maria in Monticelli in 1860 under the painting of the same subject by Van Loo. The trick ensured the preservation of the fresco during the Napoleonic occupation of Rome that marked the release in France of many works of art and would be a witness to the preciousness of the painting as well as, in retrospect, of his valuable paternity.

State of preservation
Visual examination, from a distance, cannot state with absolute certainty if it is a detachment of the paint film and the original plaster, the work is fairly good overall but requires a technique of intervention; at present we know neither the time nor the precise original location of the work. It is likely that the restoration can shed light on and provide new insights. The work appears blurred by layers of dust and whitish patina, probably due to the crystallization of soluble salts on the surface, deposits of translucent aspects whichmust be attributed to altered protectives or detachment of the hill and can be seen in perspective, with raking light from a particular height; minute drops of color, uneven treatment of remaking around the fragment up to the edge of the support panel. Finally, the color of the field of plaster is annoyingly uneven within the frame.



Ligamina is awarded GuideStar Gold Level

S. Maria in Monticelli project at Google one today

New address at 2 Park Avenue, 20th Fl, New York, NY 10016

Network for Good partner.

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