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Roma Cancellata/Erased Rome

Erased Rome

On June 25th, will be inaugurated in S. Giovanni dei Fiorentini the exhibition "Roma Cancellata/ Erased Rome" under the patronage of Ligamina Inc.

The statue of St. John the Baptist Young, attributed to Michelangelo, some marble fragments at the end of the XVI century, a large fresco of Madonna with child. These are the works that will be on display from June 25 until October 24 at the Museum of the Florentines (Via Acciaioli 2), coming from the Oratory of St. Ursula.

This exhibition will be the first chapter of the "Roma Cancellata/Erased Rome", sponsored by the Museum and Basilica of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini and supported by Ligamina.

For the insiders the exhibition will open on June 25 at 7pm.
Opening to the public from June 27.


Erased Rome
Erased Rome


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