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Round table conference promoted by Ligamina

Tomorrow, May 20th, at 10.30AM, "From the Youngest Bernini to the Roman Baroque," sponsored by Ligamina

Tomorrow, May 20th, at 10.30AM, a conference sponsored by Ligamina will be held at the Museum of Fiorentini in Rome (via Acciaioli, 2) dedicated to Gian Lorenzo Bernini, sculptor, architect and painter from Naples, the greatest exponent of Baroque culture.

The panel will discuss the theme "From the Youngest Bernini to the Roman Baroque." The focus will be on the artistic works of Bernini as a young man and on his artistic innovations that influenced Baroque period. These themes will be discussed at length by distinguished American and Italian scholars: Maria Grazia Bernardini, Lucia Calzona, Vittorio Casale, Elena di Gioia, Marcello Fagiolo, Daniela Gallavotti, Irving Lavin, Francesco Petrucci, Daniela Porro, Lydia Saraca Colonnelli, Claudio Strinati, Bruno Toscano, Bert Treffers e Caterina Volpi.

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