Casa Museo Accademia Musumeci Greco

Ligamina inc. supports Casa Museo Accademia  d’Armi Musumesi Greco. The older fencing club in the world in a medieval palace in the historical center of Rome where is, also, a Museum gathering late XIX early XX pieces of art linked to fencing and belonged to Musumeci Greco family by generations ambassador of fencing in Italy and over the world. 

Casa Museo Accademia d’Armi Musumeci Greco (, collare d’oro al merito sportivo, the highest sport recognition for a club in Italy,  offers fencing courses for children, young people and adults in its historical place downtown Rome among amazing pieces of art, and in its two others spots in Rome. 

In the past two seasons it achieved the following successes: 

Winner World Cup U20 Men’s Sabre • Winner World Champ. U20 Indiv. Men’s Sabre, Poland • Winner World Champ. U20 Men’s Sabre Team, Poland • 1st Place Italian Champ. U20 Men’s Sabre, Lecce (Italy) • 3rd Place Italian Champ. U23 Men’s Sabre, Belluno (Italy) • 3rd Place 1st Challenge U14 Men’s Sabre, Ravenna (Italy) • 3rd Place World Masters Champ. Women’s Épée Team, Livorno (Italy) • Participation in Europ. Masters Paralympic Champ. Men’s Sabre, Terni (Italy) • Winner Italian Masters Champ.Women’s Foil, Zevio (Italy) • Winner Italian Masters Champ. Women’s Sabre, Zevio (Italy) • Winner Regions Masters Trophy Men’s Sabre, Zevio (Italy) • 3rd Place 1st Challenge World Cup U20 Men’s Sabre, Sochi (Russia) • Winner 3rd Challenge World Cup U20 Men’s Sabre, Dormagen (Germany) • 3rd Place 4th Challenge World Cup U20 Men’s Sabre, Budapest (2019/2020)•Winner World Masters Champ. women’s Épée Team, Cairo (Egypt) • Winner Italian Champ. U20 men’s Sabre, Ravenna (Italy) • Winner National Master Challenge, Terni (Italy) • 3rd Place Paralympic World Cup men’s Sabre • Winner Italian Team Champ. U14 women’s Sabre, Sulmona (Italy) • Winner Gran Prix U14 women’s Sabre, Lucca (Italy) • Winner Interregional Italian Champ. U14 women’s Sabre, Rome (Italy) • Winner Regional Italian Champ. U14 women’s Sabre, Rome (Italy) • 3rd Place Paralympic World Cup men’s Sabre, Eger (Hungary) (2020/2021).