ART and BEAUTY: Educational and Promotional Projects

Ligamina preserves art as an expression of beauty.
Ligamina’s dedication to the arts and to art lovers is manifested in its contributions to the restoration of artistic heritage. It begins with the concept of art as a cultural benefit to be preserved and protected so that everyone can enjoy it now and for years to come. We are thus committed to the preservation and restoration of all that is beautiful. 

Ligamina not only promotes the preservation of these great works, it also develops synergies with all participants (the four bows in the logo): restoration experts, art history scholars, donors and owners are all involved in promoting the artistic heritage. Through innovative and modern events and initiatives we develop a significant public awareness that leads to the involvement of a growing number of people engaged in the restoration.

Ligamina has been entrusted with the care of many works and, thanks to the contribution of many others, these works of art are being restored and their beauty is made eternal.

Indeed, the Ligamina group has been engaged to work on numerous projects designed to expand the appreciation of art and beauty. American students are among the first to be invited to view and study these works as a part of our mission to generate enthusiasm in the new generation. Our Young Talent Program for promising university and high school students was developed so that young scholars can further their education through direct feedback from university and industry experts.

To fund the restoration, Ligamina has initiated partnerships, events and programs to attract new donors. 

Ligamina develops promotional events to both raise funds for the restoration work and to raise awareness of the cultural value of these projects.