Charity Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee


1. Generalities and composition .

Considering the primary purpose of Ligamina Inc, to promote restoration and educational projects for the Roman historical heritage, the Scientific Committee is made ​​up of the following professionals :

  • Historians of art; 
  • Restorers; 
  • Historians of  Architecture 


2. Tasks

The main tasks of the Scientific Committee are: 

2.1 Giving scientific orientation to Ligamina; 

2.2. Evaluation on the basis of the actual operations to be performed; 

2.3 Evaluation of the résumés of candidates restorers measures; 

2.4 Periodic inspection of restoration sites with assessment of the final result; 

2.5 Strategic objectives to be achieved in a two-year period of activity and identification of the scientific areas of intervention; 

2.6 Verification and collaboration in order to the publications of the activity. 


3. Convocation 

3.1 The Scientific Committee, without inspection purpose on the restoration sites, will meet roughly quarterly. 

3.3 The Board may convene the Scientific Committee on his own free will. 


4. Refunds 

The attendance is free. 


5. Period in office

5.1 The members of the Scientific Committee are appointed for one year, unless expressly waiving communicated to the Chairman of the Board of Ligamina Inc. or revocation from the Board.

5.2 The termination is not burdensome for Ligamina inc.


6. Deputy of the Scientific Committee

6.1  The Scientific Committee shall elect a member to represent it at length that the Board of Directors. 

6.2 The Representative to the Board shall exercise the following functions: 

6.2.1. Represents the Scientific Committee at the Board; 

6.2.2 He  shall convene the meetings of the Scientific Committee; 

6.2.3 He compiles the Agenda and minutes of meetings; 

6.2.4 He dissolves the meeting of the Scientific Committee; 

6.2.5 He Represents the autonomy of the Scientific Committee and therefore has no right to vote within the Board. 

6.2.6 He has advisory function within the Board. 

6.2.7 The office of Representative of the Scientific Committee at the Board of Directors hold on an annual basis and it is free.