ART AND BEAUTY: Responsibility and Education

Ligamina means love of beauty and care for the art that expresses it.

Ligamina is dedicated to the protection of the artistic heritage of Italy, from the greatest monuments to the smaller elements that enhance the less frequented byways.

Our goal is to not only raise fund for the restoration of great works, but also to create a community of like-minded individuals willing to share the responsibility and the satisfaction.

Owners, scholars, donors and restoration experts: each contributes to the protection of italian artistic heritage and each has a precious, invaluable role. Ligamina means "links" in Latin: in forging this network we are looking to create a community as the protection of art and beauty is a shared responsibility. 

As Ligamina is entrusted with the care of beauty, it is therefore its responsibility to make it available for all to admire and contemplate.  The contemplation of art elevates the spirit.

Ligamina is committed to the wide-reaching revelation of the eternal beauty of art. Its primary focus is on educating the next generation, the defining element of our U.S.-based non profit organization. Italian artistic heritage is a universal heritage, and your tax-deductible contribution will aid in educating the most promising young scholars. 

Ligamina seeks to involve local citizens and visitors who integrate art into their lives. It focuses on the young, especially in US and Italy, as the new generation will be responsible for maintaining this beauty in the future.

The Young Talent program gives promising university students to opportunity to publish their work in Ligamina’s newsletters (for both art lovers and scholars).

The active restoration and preservation of works of Roman also serves to establish a very fruitful educational relationship between generations that will withstand the passage of time.

Restoration professionals who work with Ligamina to protect the artistic heritage of Rome’s historic center are not merely employees: they are teachers who,  with humility and wisdom, seek to inspire in others that fervor for aesthetic beauty.

Ligamina is not only responsible for the particular work entrusted to it, but for the education of beauty beyond a single work of art, an understanding shared by all for all time. Ligamina is dedicated to the future.